So there she is, on her knees in a sticky vide…

So there she is, on her knees in a sticky video booth. Her mouth is filled with the dick of a happy stranger, coaxing it to life and then full hardness with her talented tongue and deep mouth. She fills him stretching, then senses the familiar pulsing between her lips. Maybe he is even enough of a gentleman to knock on the wall to let her know that he is close. Finally, he can stand it no more, releasing his seed to will the will of the strange, but kind, woman on the other side of the gloryhole. As she feels the first pulse exploding, she pulls a way, already tasting the first drops of his jizz. The rest she aims toward her waiting breast. Adding it, perhaps, to the loads already captured there.

Later that night, at home in the shower, she will relive the experiences as she washes the evidence of her debauchery away, already tingling as she thinks about where she might be willing to let them cum next time.

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