gloryholeswallow: The little Asian mix honey i…


The little Asian mix honey is back for another feeding and this time she got more than she expected.

She’s been making good progress with her slut training and learning to
control her gag reflex so there’s no better place to get lots of
training than the Gloryhole.  In this environment she gets lots of
different sized cocks and different amounts of cum loads to practice

She wanted to try a facial but didn’t know the rule that she has to wear
the cum like a slut during the rest of the visit.  Some girls don’t
like the feeling of dried cum all over their face but if they don’t
swallow it then they have to wear it.

She got her belly filled with cum while in the Gloryhole booth so once
she was topped off she wanted to try the Theater Room for the first
time.  She got second thoughts about this decision once she met Kong
Dong waiting and ready to tear up her little Asian snatch.  He pounded
the hell of her egg roll and she took it like a champ.  I wouldn’t want
to be the guy following that pussy stretcher.  You know what they say
“You can’t put a nail where a spike’s been”.

One of the spectators was rubbing out in the background and managed to
jump in the action real quick to give her a good facial while she was
getting drilled so I got some great angles of her wearing a thick load
on her face while she was gasping for air.

She’s a lot of fun and blowing up my phone for her next visit so cast your vote and determine her fate.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  Like I tell the girls “Gobble Gobble!”